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I thought it would be fun to have some random posts which look into my ordinary but fun life with two awesome kids and the best hubby I could have asked for!  I have been encouraged recently by a few friends to “blog for myself.”  To cherish these fun memories with my kiddos and that a blog is a great place to record and share those memories.

Enjoy 🙂

  • A couple days ago day I came to the entrance way to find Hudson standing with the door open and Aaron’s shoes on.  He was ready to go outside he told me

IMG_1022 IMG_1030

  • Emmy was playing in her room quietly and, when I went to check on her, I couldn’t find her!  She was hiding under her crib where I was storing her old bouncy chair that was taken apart.  She was stuck because she couldn’t figure out how to duck her head down again to crawl back out. …. Which reminds me of a few weeks back when Hudson got his head stuck in the header of his bed during nap time. He was quite panicked! Poor guy.
  • Fun story. Yesterday, after I used our keys to put something in the car, I came back inside the Church and put them back in Aaron’s jacket. Only it turns out it wasn’t Aaron’s jacket that I put them in! The most ironic part was that the message was on dealing with locked doors and our Pastor said undoubtably some of us would deal with locked doors this week but the coincidence wasn’t his fault! I think I still blame him!  😉 Fortunately, for those that are curious, the man who I gave our keys to noticed them in his pocket when he got home and brought them back to the church for us while we were trying to figure out what to do. haha.
  • Aaron and I have been talking about a trip down to Southern Ontario to see our friends there.  Yay! We thought driving would for sure be cheaper and were talking about the pros and cons of driving vs flying.  But we have some flight credits and I think in this situation it will end up being cheaper to fly.  Hudson sure would love the ferry though!  And its so much nicer to have our own car there…hmm
  • I figured out the secret to my little houseplant I got a few weeks ago. I need to leave it be until its wilted and looks like its dying and THEN water it. Not sooner or it looks even worse! Wait until its at death’s door and then give it the water!  Interesting.  IMG_0957
  • Aaron and I went on a date this weekend!  Hudson’s TBay adopted grandparents asked if they could have Hudson for a sleepover. We dropped Emmy there for the evening as well and went out to eat.  It was fun to spend time together and eat out. We love Montanas!
  • Emmy has the most adorable pink overalls right now. I just LOVE them on her!! IMG_0925IMG_0933

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  1. I love the one where Hudson is standing there in Aaron’s shoes. I often wonder what goes on in those very young minds so uncluttered with years of junk. It is such an innocent picture.

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