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Happy Mother’s Day

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What a gorgeous weekend we have been having!  I hope you have had the opportunity to be out in the sunshine at least a little!  This afternoon my little family and I plan on taking a bike ride to find a nice park!

For me, Mother’s Day is special.  Its a time to be thankful for the many wonderful women in my life.  Both my Mom and Mother-in-law but also my Grandma, my sisters and sister-in-law and my amazing friends, some who are moms and others who aren’t. It is at this stage in life where I am learning how to be a mom that I realize how thankful I am for my own mom.  For all of the work she did for us over the years. For the patience, the love, the kisses that heal wounds and the week by week daily repetition of moments that make up life.  And now, for being a friend, an encourager and the one I can call on for advice and tips.
Thanks Mom!

But I know for many Mother’s Day holds a lot of pain. Memories of loss, regret, the pain of infertility. I want to recognize that as we celebrate woman today its not just biological mothers we celebrate.  I actually really liked the way my cousin Melanie put it this morning so I am just going to quote her. 🙂

whether we are biologically mothers, spiritual mothers or faithful workers in God’s kingdom, let’s work unto the Lord and ask Him to bless the work of our hands for His eternal Glory!

To all the woman out there, thanks for all that you do, for loving on your family and for being amazing!  Thanks to all of my friends and siblings for loving my kids! I appreciate it!

And thanks to my two, amazing kiddos who love me despite my failings, who are teaching me what it means to have patience and for bringing so much joy and energy to our home!

Have a wonderful, warm day!


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