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Third instalment of a random post!  🙂  I find I have so many little stories that I try and remember to write down but usually forget.  They are fun little snippets to remember and share.

Some highlights recently are that we have been able to get out biking with the kids and have spent some time at the parks.  The bikes let us go so much further than walking!  Emmy HATES her helmet and spends most of the trip trying to pull it off. Poor girl.  But on her first bike ride she just slumped down resigned and fell asleep. I was pretty impressed.  Must be my smooth biking. 🙂  haha

It has been fun to see how Hudson interacts at the playground this Spring so far.  He’s so much older than last year. There are some things he is even better at than last year but then other things that he is scared about and needs to get used to again.

Hudson has a new phrase lately … “That’s not a good idea” Its hilarious when he uses it in appropriate situations like people are parked poorly on our street.

There have been some really fun times of Hudson and Emmy playing so well together.  Hudson still has a lot of issues with Emmy wanting to share his things, but sometimes they just play so well together. I LOVE when Hudson makes her giggle. 🙂  Last week I caught Hudson sitting on Emmy’s lap while she was in her car seat. “What are you doing!?!”  “Sitting on the train” He responds.  Then I notice that Emmy just thinks this is the funnest thing ever. Okay then…

Here are some photos to enjoy! 🙂  (excuse the phone quality pictures)

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