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1 Year! – Miss Emmy

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Our little peanut is one year old!  She’s still pretty little (about 3 inches shorter than Hudson was at 1 year) but she has grown a lot this past year.

Emmy is such a character.  Last night Aaron and I spent a bit of time laughing and smiling as we talked about Emmy and who she is becoming.  She loves people, especially her brother and will come over and give snuggles and hugs freely.  She has lots of kisses to give too when she’s in the right mood.  Sometimes she will just motor over, lay her head down on your leg for a moment, then look up and give you the best smile you’ve ever seen and then hurry away again.

The other side of her is that she’s also a little diva.  She has attitude and will let you know when she’s less than impressed.  This past Sunday it was clear that you do not take a cookie from Emmy even if she pretends to offer it to you!  She has a shriek that will definitely get your attention and she’s not afraid to pull it out at the grocery store, during a wedding ceremony, when her brother takes her things, when she can’t play in the toilet…  That’s right. She’s one of THOSE kids. Her favourite is to dunk toilet paper in the bowl and then eat it. GROSS!  We have caught her doing this at least twice. I always try to keep the bathroom door closed but sometimes we forget.  At least its always flushed….

Emmy is also a monkey. And she’s a pretty good one too!  She climbs on top of Aaron’s small amp, on the rocking chair in her room, on the couch, on the step stool, on a basket of magazines, on her toy farm, on people, and just about anything else that has a ledge, a platform or surface of any sort! 🙂  This means she has also CARTWHEELED off of our bed, the arm rest of the couch and a stool (into an awkward area where she got stuck).  She’s quite the trooper though.  She’s quick to cry but with the right kisses and hugs she’s good to go and, against my warnings, try it again!

In terms of what’s new with her this month…
She’s walking quite a bit now.  She’s getting more confident every day!  But she still crawls like a speed machine most of the time!  She has three teeth fully cut through but she’s working on three more that have just cut recently.  Her vocabulary is growing and her new words are bye, coco (my parent’s dog), GO and once I’m SURE I heard her say “again!” while we were playing.  She is learning how to use the spoon by herself and eats pretty much anything.

She is so incredibly sweet and you can’t help but love her. One look at those brilliant, bright eyes and she’s got you.  I love this girl to bits!  She brings so much joy to our lives and I’m incredibly thankful for this year that we have had with her and for the monthly blog posts to look back on from this year.  She has grown so much!

I had a hard time narrowing down my favourites from this shoot but here they are:


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