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Arwen {9 Months!}

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Goodbye little gummy smile, hello teeth! She finally cut two bottom teeth and they are slowly becoming more noticeable.  I love the little gummy toothless smiles, but her little teeth are also adorable. 🙂

This month she FINALLY started laughing at things. Before she would smile at anything but nothing made her laugh.  We got the occasional grunt-like laugh but now she giggles when we play peek-a-boo, when Hudson jumps on his bed, when we drop things and say “uh oh!” and funny things like that. I LOVE the giggles! Keep ’em coming!

Some of the things she loves right now: Music and dancing, laughing at Hudson and Emmy being silly, bath time and playing in water, being outside, eating, and many other things 🙂

She dislikes being squished by her sister (and being generally treated as if she were a doll not a real human being…), when I say NO to playing in the toilet, mushy food (in general) and having things pushed purposely out of her reach (how rude!)

She is an adorable, hilarious absolute joy! And that hair…..

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