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Arwen {18 Months}

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You sure have grown in these last six months, Arie. You are taller, faster, more talkative and not a baby anymore! You are such a little stinker! I haven’t been able to catch a good photo of it, but you have this expression…..when you know you’re doing something you shouldn’t and you get caught…..you tilt your head way down, raise your eyebrows and look up. Its a ridiculously adorable face! But, like I said, you are a stinker! You push boundaries and stick your toe across the line. You are also super silly and sweet. Some thing you love doing right now that sticks out in my memory is a little tackle game. You’ll slowly back away from me while I’m sitting on the floor. Sometimes you say “beep beep” while you back up. Sometimes you crash, because you aren’t looking where you are going. Then once you are far enough away, you grin a mischievous smile and then run full tilt straight at me for a tackle, tickle or airplane ride. Its so much fun!

Another favourite of yours right now is books. Sometimes Hudson will read you stories and my heart explodes. Its so sweet! Your favourite book for a long time has been Good Dog Carl but you have also added Peek-a-who to the favourites repertoire. I love when you “read” it to me. You say more and more words now and we are figuring out what more of those words mean now as well. 🙂 You have a great fascination with chickens. You love them! You love nearly all animals but chickens seem especially interesting to you. You also really love dogs, preferably if they are small.

You are very much in love with Hudson and Emmy and copy them a lot! I see you following them around trying to do whatever they do. You are learning about life from them. They are quite smitten with you as well. Even if it drives them crazy that you knock their toys down, destroy their duplo creations, steal their stuff…..and all that normal younger sibling stuff. Nothing is safe anymore…you can climb up onto the counters, the bar stools, the top bunk…there is nowhere you can’t reach their stuff. You are starting to think that whatever Emmy has….you want! There was a (long) phase where you threw a fit every time we made you sit in your own carseat instead of letting you sit in Emmy’s. You’d tell us that you liked Emmy’s better. You also like her shoes, her toys, her bed and anything new or exciting she gets. Its comical and somewhat worrisome. Poor Emmy. Honestly though, it wont be long until you and Emmy can share clothes and shoes.

You are so amazingly adorable, so hilariously silly, and such a joy bringer to this family and those you meet! I love how you light up outside in nature, the way you look at your daddy and the silly games you play.

We love you Little Booger!*

Arie at 18 Months old:

And a few more of Arie from the last few months:


*sorry about that nickname….

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