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Emmy – 4 Years Old!

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I always find these posts so hard to start. How to sum up a year, how to put to words how awesome this little person is.

Emmy, you have grown and changed a lot in this last year. We enjoyed watching you have many new experiences and adventures. You helped build (or watched Mama build) a snow quinzee in the back yard.  You began the adventure of learning how to skate (and fall!) That one came with many ups and downs. Literally and figuratively. You were able to try out gymnastics for a few weeks and LOVED it! Although you definitely preferred when you had a smaller class and even better if Hudson was with you. You and Hudson also went to Vacation Bible School which you had a lot of fun at! It was your first time. You got your ears pierced which was a bit scary but you adore being able to wear earrings. Especially the special ones you got for your birthday this year. You got to ride on a houseboat, spent many days at the cabin and had several sleepovers at Oma and Opa’s house.  Your cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents all had several sleepovers at your house too! We had many beach days this year. They became a family favourite! You guys even went “swimming” in your clothes when we found ourselves at an inviting beach without swimsuits along. You climbed your first mountain! The wet, muddy, buggy part of the climb was not your favourite but when you got to the top of Mount McKay you were all smiles! This year you visited a hobby farm, went on a few hikes with the family, saw a couple waterfalls, started a rock collection and really took to swimming! This summer we sadly said goodbye to some wonderful neighbours who moved away. We also said goodbye to your great Opa who passed away in the fall. You went to a small amusement park and I was so amazed at your independence and love of a thrill! You also got to do lots of wall climbing with Mama and Daddy.  You build up a lot of bravery! For your birthday this year you invited a few girls over and had a fancy tea party! There was a lot of adorableness happening that day!

Emmy, you are energetic, silly, full of sweet smiles and at times quite rebellious. You have such a sweet voice and a funny sense of humour. You don’t wear dresses daily anymore…when did that even stop? But you still love all things pretty and sparkly. You love to run around bare feet, climb anything, and ride on the swings. You can be overwhelmed easily in a crowd but open right up and flourish when you feel comfortable in a situation. You speak years beyond your age with a clear and growing vocabulary. You love stories and snuggling up with a book. You also love to get lost in your imagination, curled up on the floor with a few small characters to play with. This year you also grew in your love of baking! You love to bake “almost all by yourself” doing as much of the measuring, mixing and everything as you can by yourself.  Something that I really saw develop in you this year is your love of drawing. Once when I asked you why you had drawn on {the table.the floor.the wall.your leg.a book.the deck.etc} you told me “Mom, I just love drawing so much I want to draw all the time.” We’ve been working on having appropriate things around for you to draw on because I love your drawings! Right now as I type this I’m watching you out the window draw on the driveway with some chalk.

I love watching you grow, Little Peanut! I hope you keep that joy for life, that contagious smile and a pencil in your hand!

This is Emmy at 4 years old!



Here are a few from this past year!



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