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Hudson’s First Plane Ride

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Hudson got to go on his very first pane ride in Grandpa’s 2 seater Auronca Champ.  He was excited to go in the plane. When Hudson is in an unfamiliar and new situation he tends to be more stoic and thoughtful about it all.  He is quite as he takes it all in.  That’s exactly how he responded to this situation. I was able to take a video on my phone of his reaction to taking off and landing.  It was so fun to be able to see his face!  He was quiet and thoughtful about it all.  But a couple times he looked rather surprised.  He liked being able to look out the window and see new views. He pointed out trees and roads.  We flew over our family cabin and were able to see Daddy, Grandma and Auntie’s and Uncle’s waving!   We flew over the many lakes watching for any leftover ice.  On the way back the gentle humming of the plane was enough to put a tired toddler to sleep!  He slept for 5 minutes or so before I woke him for the landing. But he was so tired he kept nodding off.  haha.  I got Aaron to take a photo of us before taking off and the rest of the photos I just took with my phone.  Enjoy: 🙂 

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